At Amphis, we're proud to continue the legacy of excellence in automotive lighting here in Australia, building on LSI's almost 40-year reputation as a leader in the industry. With a focus on innovation and performance, we offer a comprehensive range of luminaires and lighting technology for both interior and exterior applications.

Leaders in Exterior Lighting

From the front row to the front door, our Automotive Lighting solutions are tailored to enhance visibility, security, and aesthetic appeal. Experience practical, energy-efficient lighting solutions that blend performance, style, and economy seamlessly.

Elevating Your Showroom Experience

Your showroom is more than just a space—it's a reflection of your brand and a showcase for your products. Amphis Automotive Lighting solutions are designed to make your showroom shine, enhancing the visibility of your vehicles and services. Our range of decorative fixtures and architectural luminaires not only create an inviting environment but also set your offerings apart from the competition.

Efficiency and Productivity in Service Areas

In the service area, efficiency and safety are paramount. Offers reliable, versatile, and high-performing high and low bay fixtures to ensure your team can work effectively and safely. Our lighting solutions are designed to improve productivity and efficiency while maintaining a focus on quality and durability.

Partner with Amphisfor Automotive Excellence

Discover the difference with Amphis Automotive Lighting solutions. From exterior illumination that enhances visibility to interior lighting that elevates your showroom experience, we are dedicated to setting the standard for quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction.

Contact us today to learn more about how Amphis can illuminate your automotive business and drive success.

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