Car Parking


At Amphis, we recognise the importance of well-lit and secure parking areas for businesses and institutions. Our approach to car park lighting involves a comprehensive evaluation of the entire space to understand your specific requirements and goals. We then design a tailored lighting solution that ensures optimal visibility, safety, and security throughout the parking space.

TotalSpace Evaluation and Custom Solutions

Every parking area is unique, and our goal is to provide a lighting solution that meets your exact needs. With our extensive range of energy-efficient lighting products, we select the best technology and fixtures to illuminate both interior and exterior spaces. Whether it's an industrial park, campus, automotive dealership, or outdoor retail area, Amphis has the right lighting solutions for you.

Versatile and Energy-Efficient Solutions

Our range of car park luminaires includes surface and pendant mounted fixtures with modern and attractive appearances. These products are designed for both new construction and retrofit projects, offering high-efficacy optical systems and easy-to-specify controls for energy savings and customisation. With motion control sensors and compatibility with the AirLink Blue wireless lighting control system, our luminaires provide enhanced functionality and convenience.

ComprehensiveSolutions for Parking Areas

In addition to our main product lines, we offer a wide selection of decorative and commercial-grade luminaires for parking lot applications. Our product range includes companion wall mount products, poles, and brackets, all designed to meet the same high-quality standards as our luminaires. With Amphis, you can trust that your parking area will be well-lit, efficient, and secure.

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