A brighter future with amphis


The market-leading products you love, delivered with excellence.

You’ll still benefit from products you can trust while we lighten the building process for you.

Who is Amphis?
Operating across Australasia, Amphis is committed to illuminating the future with considered lighting solutions. We provide simple and effective ways to elevate spaces.

Our commitment to you.
Comprehensive end-to-end customer care that delivers on what our clients want. Effortless and efficient lighting solutions that let your business shine.

The home of LSI products. 
Amphis will remain the exclusive Australasia distributor of LSI, a leading American-made lighting solution with over 45 years of experience in producing high performance, products and control systems.

Benefits of working with Amphis:
• Access to a broader range of market-leading indoor and outdoor products
• Enhanced technical expertise
• End-to-end customer service and aftercare support
• Exclusive partner of LSI
• Custom audits of lighting layouts using specialised lighting software 
• Certified quality lighting standards
• Quoting and design support
• Assistance with technical designs and renders 
• Custom and bespoke designs for special projects
• Extended product warranties 

What does this mean for you?
You don’t need to do a thing. 

You will see more of the Amphis brand while enjoying the benefits of our market-leading products as we complete the transition in early 2024.

We are committed to maintaining existing agreements, so if you have a project booked with LSI Hamilton Lighting Systems, you can sit back and relax knowing everything will be delivered as planned.

You can rest assured that Amphis will be receiving all LSI Hamilton enquiries throughout the transition. Here’s how to get in contact with us:



Have a question?

Who is Amphis?

Amphis is a leading lighting designer, manufacturer and reseller, providing end-to-end lighting solutions across Australasia since 2016. Amphis is committed to illuminating the future with considered lighting solutions, providing simple and effective ways to elevate spaces.

Previously Lumi Lighting, the business was forged from a spark of curiosity that developed into a passion. Based in Melbourne, we offer an extensive range of products and services designed to integrate effortlessly into both residential and commercial projects.

Who does Amphis work with?
Our client base includes builders, electricians, architects and designers. From decorative pieces to practical lighting fixtures, our products always meet Australian standards, ensuring reliability and quality every step of the way.

Will I still be able to order the LSI USA-made products?
Yes, Amphis is proud to continue to be the exclusive Australasian distributor of LSI, a leading American-made lighting solution with over 45 years of experience in producing high-performance, products and control systems.

What happens to products still under warranty with LSI-Hamilton?
Rest assured, Amphis will support all existing LSI Hamilton Lighting Systems product warranties. Our sales support team is dedicated to managing all warranty requests promptly and efficiently. If you have any questions or need assistance regarding your warranty, please don't hesitate to reach out to us at warranty@amphis.com.au.

Will this impact my account details?
Our business account details, including the ABN and payment information, remain unchanged. However, we have updated our business name, address, and contact details. You can find the complete list of changes in our Business Details Update document, which you can download below.


Does this change how and when I pay my invoice?
No, you can continue to pay the way you do now. Going forward, please note that your invoices will be in Amphis branding, so they may look a little different. However, rest assured that the accounting details remain unchanged.

Will this impact my lighting plan and pricing?
No. For existing customers, your lighting plan and pricing all remain the same. There is nothing you need to do to transfer your details. 

Does this change how I can get in contact with customer service? 
Yes. You can now contact the Amphis team directly and we’re on hand to help. Getting in touch with us couldn’t be easier, and our contact details can be found here

Where are products stocked? Is this changing?
Amphis has strategically located sites in Victoria, Queensland, and Western Australia, enabling us to extend our reach throughout Australasia. This ensures convenient access to our range of lighting solutions and products. Rest assured, our stocking locations remain unchanged, providing you with reliable and efficient service.

Does this impact where my information and data are stored?
Your privacy and security are our top priorities. Rest assured, your information is securely stored by Amphis in compliance with data protection laws. We are committed to safeguarding your data and ensuring that it is handled responsibly and ethically.

Is there anything I need to do?
There is no action required from you. All your details and services will remain the same, only better