Amphis offers a comprehensive range of industrial lighting solutions tailored to meet the unique requirements of warehouses, distribution centres, and big box stores. With our partnership with LSI, we bring you the most advanced lighting solutions to optimise illumination, enhance safety, and reduce energy costs in your facilities.

Versatile and Efficient Industrial Lighting

Our industrial lighting products are among the most versatile fixtures for factory, warehouse, and distribution centre applications. Large spaces present unique challenges, from narrow aisles to expansive storage areas. Our industrial lighting products are designed to provide optimal visibility and safety throughout your facility.

Indoor Lighting Solutions

We offer a robust line of high bay fixtures, from linear to round fixtures, with outputs up to 100,000 lumens, battery backup, and a range of control and sensor options to suit your needs. This versatility allows precise control and distribution of light for every corner of your warehouse.

Outdoor Lighting for Safety and Security

Outdoor areas such as parking lots, loading docks, and building facades require reliable lighting for safety and security. Our outdoor lighting lineup, includes area lights, wall sconces, and floodlights designed to keep your entire property well-lit and secure, promoting productivity through the night.

Specialty Lighting Solutions

In addition to standard indoor and outdoor lighting, industrial facilities often require specialised solutions for cold storage, manufacturing, dock areas, and emergency lighting. Amphis provides a full lineup of vaportite solutions, dock lights, and emergency lighting options to meet these specific needs.

Transform your warehouse or distribution centre with Amphis’s innovative lighting solutions.

Contact us today to discuss your project and discover how our tailored lighting options can maximise safety, efficiency, and cost savings in your facility.

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